Launched in 2016, Bunch was founded by a group of accomplished senior engineers and enterprise business leaders. The brain trust behind the brand is a group of technologists who have dedicated much of their professional lives to enterprise video.

The team at Bunch is made up of highly-skilled full-stack developers who have worked individually and collectively to deploy software at some of the largest companies in the world. These deployments have been specifically tailored to support complex enterprise video solutions.

Designed to be different from the ground up, Bunch video technology is built purposefully for scaling businesses - purposeful companies who need video architecture that can grow with them. Our technology is built for the enterprise, which allows us to offer made-to-measure support and navigate our industry-leading technology to fit your unique needs.

The video technology offered by Bunch enables companies to gain control over their video needs within the setting of a complex global enterprise. Our specialty is on-premise software that can be integrated around corporate firewalls, secure cloud deployments, and efficient cloud-hybrid architectures.

We believe good work speaks for itself. While many companies offer solutions targeted towards large enterprise, many of them can’t fulfill the true technical needs of scale - our combined decades of experience building & scaling video technology for large, complex organizations lets us do what others can’t.

We’re proud at Bunch to consider ourselves among the leading edge of enterprise video architecture solutions.